Monday, May 01, 2006

Toe the Line

As the gap between past & present
rush forth to collide
echoes break the silence...
fringes of the past....
their fingers reaching out
to entangle me in its web.

I know in my heart
this can’t happen again
for the past must be laid to rest
its evil cannot touch me again.

Gently I wipe away a mist of tears,
sent to wash away the pain I feel,
as I reach up to nudge the clouds
forming overhead
with hopes of finding a ray of light
that will push forth to brighten a day
suddenly filled with the darkness of night.

Standing in a stark reality
I toe the line between what is right
in a quiet so complete
a voice so sweet, so clear
a blessed reminder that
today is ever present
and tomorrow
that promise will be clear.

~~Tina~~ 5/1/06


Blogger RennyBA said...

Beatuiful poem Tina and thanks for you're note! Take care :-)

May 02, 2006  

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