Friday, September 19, 2008



You don't understand
I don't expect you to
I just need your hand
I just need you to care
I need your love
Your safe unabiding love
And the peace of mind
To know I'm safe again

Please accept what I say
Don't question why
Don't feel like you've failed
Don't let me feel as if I have either
Just accept what you hear
Don't ask me to explain
More than what I say

And please be gentle
that little girl is crying inside
She needs to be held
She needs to be loved
She needs to feel safe
Something she must learn
All over again.

~~tina~~ 11/21/06


Blogger mile191 said...

thank you for writing. your poem, i understand it. i just began my journey to heal. i will check back on you.

November 17, 2008  
Blogger mile191 said...

by the way. could i have a copy of your picture, children should be seen, heard and believed.

November 17, 2008  
Blogger mile191 said...

this is beautiful. I needed to read it again. thanks for writing. may i use some of your poetry to reflect on. i will refer to you, link to you. let me know.

January 17, 2009  
Blogger sarah said...

It hurts to remember. It hurts more not to. Praying for you. Sarah

September 01, 2009  
Blogger maica said...

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December 15, 2011  

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