Friday, December 30, 2005

No Place Like Home

There’s no place like home
No truer words could be found
My only hope, my only dream was that
There was no place like my home.

So cheery & noble on the outside
Complete with mighty oaks,
Split rail fences, a cozy porch
And bright colored flowers lining the walk.

On chilly nights,
Smoke would lazily drift
Up from the crackling fire
and float through the night air.

Home sweet home
Picture perfect
Fit for a postcard
But pictures can be so deceiving

When the lights go dim
And all is silent
If you listen closely
You will hear a little girl crying

She lives inside that home
Trapped in deceit and lies
Moments filled with terror and pain
Her future is filled with a bleak darkness

So when you pass by this little house
And you see the candles in the window
The mighty oaks blowing in the breeze
Fresh flowers a rainbow of color

When you pass by and think of the perfect home
With the perfect family
Walk by quickly so your dream is not ruined
By the cry of a helpless child

~~~Tina~~~ 12/30/05