Wednesday, August 23, 2006


You came into our lives
Little did we know
What evil you possessed
What horrors we would learn
Pain & heartache, fear & loneliness
Soon would fill our days.

You took from me
A piece of my innocence
And a part of my soul
You tossed it all away
I believed I was all alone
Never knowing how many like you existed.

I learned to slip away
And watch from a distant land
What happened to this little girl
And I felt....
Only sadness for this child
Who cried all the time.

Soon you no longer saw me at all
More pieces of my existence
Were tossed into the wind
Until nothing was left to take....
Nothing was left to throw away
And I could feel no more
Never once did you look back
To see what you had done.

But in the end, I win....
All that you took from me...
All that you thought you destroyed,
I am gathering all those lost pieces
And putting them carefully back together
Only this time, my fortress will be stronger
You can’t hurt me anymore.

~~Tina~~ 7/06/06