Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Beast

The nightmare begins......

The beast crawls out of his skin
His unabated evil seeps from his pores
A poisonous acid that scalds all it touches
He must quench his demonic hunger

He’s coming..........

And fear inundates my inner core
His stench penetrates every pocket of air
His touch sears the delicate skin
His presence creates only pain

And innocent blood is shed....

Silent screams rise from inside
Quelled only by guilt and shame
He leaves me empty, feeling dirty inside
His venom has darkened my soul

I am left all alone, my hope is null
As the darkness absorbs every crevice
I hear a sob coming deep from inside
As the child cowers again

But sleep will come and with it peace
As shadows waver
And daylight peeks
The whispers are silent along with the sobs

But the creature’s hunger is infinite
As the beast will thrive.
My sleep will always be light
As I listen for his approach once more.

~~Tina~~ 3/5/06

Clouds come rolling in

Lately I have been struggling so much with so many emotions & so many thoughts, memories and triggers. They are everywhere ... all around me.

Clouds come rolling in............

I swim to the surface
the sun brightly shining,
spreading it's warmth all over me.
Suddenly, the next wave crashes
I am floundering for air again.
Many years ago,
I yearned for tomorrow
the promise of hope
and light that was hanging on the horizon
Now tomorrow is here....
life filled with love, hope, comfort & promise
But somehow yesterday drifts back in
and clouds surround my day.
I duck below those clouds
shutting it all away....
Don't hear the screams
Don't feel the pain
Can't hear his voice
Can't feel his touch
Or the smell that saturates the air
Go away....
bring back the peace,
the calm....
shut away yesterday
let it be gone

~~Tina~~ 3/5/06