Sunday, December 17, 2006

Demon Monster

She buries her head
as she tries to remain silent
she’s in pain and
tears burn in her eyes
he’s come again....
the demon monster
leaving her damaged...
violated ... exposed.

Her eyes plead
when others see
her rainbow skin
but her hopes dim
as they look away
when they speak
only silence is heard.

She is left feeling unworthy..
unworthy of living, of even trying
she turns but no one is there
they’ve vanished
again she is alone
but for the demon monster
who lurks
in the shadows nearby.

~~Tina~~~ 11/2/06

An Angel

When I stumble
And trip along the way
I feel like a flower wilting
On a hot summer day.

Then an angel sits beside me
Her gentleness eases my fears
She whispers softly to me
As she wipes away the tears

In her hand she carries a candle
Aglow with guiding light
I know that she will be with me
And all will be alright

Tina 8/14/06

Finding my place

Most days I feel like a square peg
surviving in a round world
trying to make peace with a past
that few could even image.

But it all spins out of control
and the table tilts
spilling the pieces on the floor.

I try to pick them up
but they crumble to ashes and dust
and I wonder what to do next

As I try to make sense of it all
and find my place
in this lonely, cold world.

~~Tina~~ 10/10/06


They say I should forgive you, would someone tell me how
No nevermind please don’t, I’m just not ready now.
I’m not ready to absolve you of all your many sins
I know this isn’t right because no one really wins
You never asked for mercy from me in any way
So I cannot find forgiveness at least not today.
When I meet my maker & reach out to hold His hand
I hope He’ll take it in his & truly understand

Tina 8/31/06

The Storm Within

I felt my life was afloat in a dark sea
Where skies were always filled
with thick black clouds
A sense of foreboding filled the air
Watching, waiting for the approaching storm

Streaks of lighting cut through the black-bellied sky
As screams are muffled from her cry
The great thunder shakes the darkness
As his anger rages upon her
He tears at her taking all that he wants
Leaving nothing but pain behind

A like a leaf
Which was shaken from a tree
In the midst of this terrible storm
I find myself drifting
Seeking refuge from what once was
And a new place to call my home

Tina 8/9/06


In a vast void
That many cannot see
And fewer understand
Emptiness is filling me
Engulfing me in its darkness

The hands of time stand still
And I am trapped in this frozen space
A prisoner of your insanity
My life has become
A solitary confinement
of the past you created

An existence
dwelling deep within my soul
Screaming to break free
Walls with no windows
A room with no doors
The silence is deafening
As loneliness stretches on

Haunting images
Flashing lights
Muffled voices
Emerge from the blackness

I bury my head
And cover my ears
Trying to shut it all down
and drown out the sounds
Surpressing the memories
of childhood years

~~Tina 8/8/06~~

Mirrored Reflections

I see reflections in a mirror
Curiosity draws me nearer
It is of a child I do not know
The depths of her soul are filled with woe
Her eyes stare up at me
And with understanding I can see
The pain he put her through
And the peace she is now due.

~~Tina 8/8/06