Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Renewed Hope

A hush falls over us
As dawn approaches,
that magical moment
between darkness & light.

All hope is renewed
As His beauty abounds
Despair is washed away
By a pallette of wondrous hues.

We drink in His glory
And know with certainty
That His truth is before us
And we are embraced in His love.

~~Tina 1/31/06~~

Little Man

Did it make you proud.
When you saw the artwork you tattooed on her body ?

Did it make you feel powerful
When you saw the look of terror in her eyes ?

Did it make you feel like a man
When you seduced that young girl?

I hope you lived with guilt and shame
You were such a little man.

~~Tina 1/31/06~~

Friday, January 06, 2006

Too Late

You buried me deep beneath the earth
With it you took my heart & my soul
You stole my childhood
And the innocence that went with it
You tore away at my self-esteem & trust
And dumped them along side me in that hole.

The one thing you did not take was my conscience
You feed into that guilt and shame
With your sick little games
With each kick of the dirt
I lived the lie you forced me to believe.

At night, the dark child came out of hiding
She was all that you wanted her to be
Then shove her back in that black hole
Till you needed her again.

During the day, the child was quiet & shy
Fear was driven by your evil fist
Each day like the last
We pretend that nothing happened
Nothing was ever good enough

I’ve waited all my life to hear you say you were sorry
I just needed to know why? Couldn’t you just tell me why?
Did you really think you could keep me silent forever?
Now it’s too late...It doesn’t really matter
It never really mattered.

~~Tina~~ 1/6/06